The Best Spiritual Sound

In this world, there are Millions-Billions of people with the same aspect of mind some are searching for their meaning of life and some are looking for inner peace. 

We all want peace in our life where we can stay, learn and grow but most people living in stress and anxiety.

You have to be careful about your choices and decisions but the only thing that is immortal in this world is music and yoga we can easily gain the pleasure of these two powers we all just need to plug-in the headphones and then dive deep into the immense pleasure of spiritual music according to our emotions.

Hence there are some musicians and artists who work very hard and make our mood swing full of joy through their creative mindset. So here THE GENRE GUN suggests you the topmost artist who can skillfully connect you to the deep ocean of spiritual music.

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     1 - MANISH VYAS

Manish Vyas is from Gujarat and he plays around with all kinds of instruments. He dedicated all his life to the Indian authentic music style.
He currently lives in Switzerland and offers his music in Europe, the USA, and India.

The Best Of Manish Vyas:



Atma Bhakti

Sahaj Atma


Chinmaya was born in England, Dunster, and studied Hindustani classical music for 18 years. He is famous for his relaxing new age music and besides this, he is also an active environmentalist.

The Best Of Chinmaya Dunster:

Sacred Temples Of India

Ragas Relax 


Born in a musical background in the Netherlands.
He is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, producer, and composer of classical art music.
He is best know for his modern atmospheric music like it coming deep from his heart. 

The Best Of Maneesh De Moor:


Signatures On Water


    4 - BAHRAMJI

Bahramji is the king of chillout ambient music his relaxing new age music he is too good in this modern age electronic world.
He is best know for his Sufi tunes which merge different cultures and spirits from different ends of the world.

The Best Of Bahramji:

Celestial Doorways 

Four Dimensions 

Call Of The Mystic


Prem Joshua was born in Germany and at the age of 18, he traveled to India for learning Indian folk music. He learned to play sitar from Ustad Usman Khan.
He and his music immensely inspired by OSHO and throughout his career, he has done so many music experiments in the folk genre.

The Best Of Prem Joshua.



Sky Kisses Earth

    So that's the list of some awesome Spiritual music. Share your feedback and tell us your favorite Song.

Here's our playlist on Spotify where you can find some tunes for meditation Click and dive deep into the ocean of spirituality.

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